Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank you, Nerdworld

This guy has read my mind, written it down, and become Brooke Nowakowski's favorite person of the week.
Oh, how I loved Breaking Dawn! And I must admit- THAT is a movie I want to see. Support the franchise, just to see how that one comes out. It would be SO AWESOME!

Anyway, today has been a pleasantly nontypical day in our sun-baked state. Thunder, lightning, and torrents of rain accompanied my trip to the hated orthodontist's office, and continue to this moment. However, I couldn't be any happier. Why?
Well, in spite of the newly added rubber bands *grrrr* I am currently so ibueprofin influenced and happy with my quesadilla lunch that I am completely happy to sit in my chair, play sims, and watch Heroes.

Oooooh, Heroes. What a show, what a show. Let me say now, for a person such as myself- being challenged at explaining just about anything in a verbal format- it is complex beyond belief. This of course being a result of the writers attempting the multiple-story arc comic fans will recognize immediately. And, suffice to say, they pull it off. A fascinating combination of reality, fantasy, and the macabre make for a thrilling series. If only it weren't so ridiculously overpriced.....
For now, I use various Taiwanese-looking video posts and the occasional limewire to find the early episodes, which NBC has since taken off their site in the perpetual following of that almighty dollar. Fortunately, with the Office, I caught on relatively early, and the volumes weren't so darn expensive. The Office is an intriguing one- while I feel that it has lost a little of the simple hilarity I loved it for in the early days (much like Spongebob), I am so desperate for the PB&J shipping to fall into place, I could scarcely care if the series turned into a suspense thriller midway through. I need Jim, Pam, and a white wedding. Maybe a Dwight/Angela reunion as well. Runaway bride, anyone?
But now, in what has turned out to be a tv post after all (sigh), I must make one last statement for my guilty pleasure show that was never meant to be: Moonlight. The story about a vampire detective, his girlfriend-who-used-to-be-a-vampire-in-Underworld, his Seacrestianly metrosexual buddy Josef, and so many other characters that one begins to wonder whatever would have happened if it had gotten signed for a second season. I loved Moonlight like a fluffy sheep-patterned sock. And what wasn't to love? It won its time slot every week, had the desired audience- but alas, CBS would not listen to reason. Thus, I have since boycotted CBS, and am proud to say I am NBC all the way. Honestly, I never like Ghost Whisperer anyway.
And last but not least, the quote of the week!

"This quest. This need to solve life's mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They're here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet?"
- Mohinder Suresh, geneticist