Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blast from the Past...last summer anyway

For everybody who was and wasn't acquainted with Cinder's litter last year, I discovered a couple of pictures of the puppies! They were Gabby, Ruffles, Miley, Bailey, Ray (yay Ray!), Turner....and I can't remember the last puppy's name! If anyone can jog my memory, please do! And please comment on their cutiness- they are cute, aren't they? We made believers out of multiple pugs-are-ugly sympathizers.

Memorable Summer Pictures...

Here are some pictures taken by the photomaster (my Mom), of our Oregon Trip and other candid moments. You will notice a picture of our family in front of the Alamo- before we moved, we took a trip down here to see the town a bit.
Next, here we are in front of Mount Baker- our last visit for a while at least!
Here is one of many sea lions we saw on the coast!
And here's the whole big family in Texas- you'll see my cousins Eddie with his fiance, Freddy, Eric, Sara with her boyfriend and my Aunt Jenny.
Well, there's the first round of pictures- I hope you enjoyed them!

On the Verge of School Days...

Well everyone, it is almost time for us to begin attending school. Much earlier than all you back home, but it looks to be a pretty good year! Mitch and I both joined choir, and hope to have a successful time at middle school. Wish us luck!

I'm starting to add some new features, so read and enjoy- I apologize that there is so little. As I wrote earlier- just wait and see! Tomorrow we move into the other hotel for a good 23 days- thankfully, we don't have too much to move quite yet! In the meantime, we have begun to enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer- from it's hundreds of restaraunts to the myriad supermalls. I swear- you could get lost in one of those things! But with school coming, we'll probably have a lot less time for sightseeing. Still, there is a whole lot to see- Six Flags and Seaworld or the Riverwalk! Anytime you folks want to sojourn down south, just ask us- by that time, we'll probably have the navigation down. And believe me when I say that that is a huge challenge in itself- this place is enormous!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Blog has Begun!

We finally made it to San Antonio- and what an adventure it was! Along the way, we passed through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Utah. The scenery was a sight to behold; and one which we won't soon forget. We hope all our family and friends back in Washington will enjoy this blog, as well as seeing a little bit of our new home.

Just right now our internet is a little bit off- we hope to add pictures once we get settled in a bit more. After all, it's only been several hours since we got off the freeway! Within a few days there will hopefully be a lot more to see on our site. Thanks a bunch, and goodnight from Texas!