Friday, March 21, 2008


Lois came over Wednesday night, giving us the perfect opportunity to film the second part of what will hopefully end up a trilogy...THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES!!! Although our interpretation is a bit off, as anybody who witnessed part one will most likely know by now, we do actually keep to the storyline. Sort of :^)

In this latest segment, The Abseenth Files, Claudia joins the world's most dysfunctional family. I replaced the husky as Claudia, and Mitch replaced me as Louis. Everybody did a fantastic job though, and nobody fell in the pool! (except for our floatie raft/lestat, but thats a long story) My commentary as you watch...

Alright, the blonde wig returns!!! And Lois had to eat dinner in that horrifying face makeup. Props, LoLo. Let me just say right now- my greatest inspiration in this role was Ashley King, curse her!
(oh, and the muffled tones of mitchell's unrestrained laughter will become a recurrent theme here.)
You have no idea how many times we rehearsed that. And my diss was different each time!
PIANO LESSONS: Yes, I am really playing the keyboard here! Self-taught, y'all. *insert acknowledgement to Train, Drops of Jupiter here* And earlier Lois had said "beating a badger", but that made me laugh really hard, so we junked it.
NIGHTMARES: Okay, has anyone here seen Scary Movie 2? With that creepy guy that's always like "oh, come here, sweet child!" The fact that my wig was falling off here combined with the fact that everyone around me was stifling laughter led to us all semi-collapsing in hysterics once we'd stopped recording.
ACCORDIAN DREAMS: This is my favorite scene, hands down. It originated when I was screwing around with the accordian between shots and Lois is like "ARGH! I can't STAND that noise!" I was inspired. The accordian joined the cast.
SO WHERE IS HAGRID???: We improvised the entire thing, knowing only that Lois would at some point exclaim that I was a wizard and the scene would have to end with me storming off camera and screaming. Judge the results for yourself!
BRUNETTE?: Okay, we had some editing issues here, because I am relying completely on Windows Movie Maker. Kind of funny that the part about it growing back again and again replayed!
PIANO CHAT: NO! That is not Lois playing. THAT is Lestat's Piano Sonata, from the Interview with the Vampire Soundtrack, playing on my ipod speakers in a conveniently hidden locale! But it sure looks realistic, doesn't it?
Okay, I can explain. Its my doll, Priscilla, that Lois is aiming to kill here. And I had a very hard time reciting how I'd found said doll in a drunken stupor on the streets. However, I recited the ballad of sweeney todd a couple of times, and felt as good as new!
LESTAT DEATH SCENE: Okay, Lois is incapable of saying the words Absinthe or Laudanum. No matter hooooowww much we rehearse! Note my finality: DONT DO IT, LOUIS! And I was bludeoning Lois in that scene- you might recall a certain TACKLING incident about two weeks back? Hehe. Thats me, the spirit of Vengeance!
You should have seen his face. It was HEE-LARIOUS!!!! I could barely talk after that. So I just turned on creepy mode and made faces at the camera! (PS- the swamp is our pool. Can you tell?)
THATS MAH SWAMP!!!: Mitchell actually did a great Louis-cry just then. STELLAAA!!!!! LESTAAAAT!!!! (think of Stanley Kowalski, but with vampires!)
And then the idiotic camera ran out of juice. But liking my beautiful montage? Lois picked the first song. But I PICKED THE NEXT ONE!!! HEHEHAAAA!!!!

SPECIAL FEATURES: The temptation to make a reel of our priceless moments in film was too great. So I spent about five minutes throwing THAT together!

Well, hope you liked our AHMAZAZING film!!! Part three...coming soon to a non-theater near you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vanquishing Evil since 2003

YES!!!!!!!!!! IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!


*insert triumphant orchestral surge, preferably Handel's Hallelujah Chorus*

It may have taken us weeks upon weeks, but today (with much help from madre y padre, muchas gracias)the poster of the greatest movie of all time has been placed upon my wall. Now, I know some people may be thinking otherwise (Ebert and Roeper, RottenTomatoes, Society as a whole, etc.), but for all those who only gave my all-time favorite film TWO STARS out of FOUR, sleep well with the knowledge that there is a silver bullet/holy water/stake combo awaiting you in San Antonio, Texas. You have been warned.

As for the other pictures posted today, I do have an explanation. Tuesday night I was bored (kind of an insomniac, fyi), so I decided to braid my hair. Then I fell asleep. And then I woke up to find that what was formerly my limp and lifeless hair had been evicted by an utterly fluffy neighbor. Lets call him Rico. Now, Rico only gets worse when I attack him with a fine tooth comb, as I unfortunately found out a bit too late. So I pretty much went out into the public with my crazy hair. Mitch kept making remarks about how Brooke has "brad pitt hair" today. (long story, see my video) But I managed to snap a couple pictures of Rico before he was murdered in a vicious showering accident that evening. Still under investigation.

And below we have the news article describing how Jason Mills, the Phantom of the show I saw earlier this month, gets into his makeup! Once again, let us remember the amazingness that was PotO. But hey- I got my freaking awesome poster up!!!! Here is a video for everybody who has never seen Van Helsing and needs to know of it's sheer greatness. Going to Six Flags tomorrow- be on the lookout for udpates! Adios

Monday, March 17, 2008

A LOT to catch up on!

Well, I finally synched up the digital camera, so here are some pictures for your enjoyment! To put a caption on the pics, the ones of me and Lois are us before/after seeing PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! *moment of silence to remember how freaking awesome it was* Sigh. Great stuff. The ones with the rocket are us at the of the Houston Space Center, where we were YESTERDAY. We also nearly collided with a herd of runaway cattle. Long story. And last of all- Mitchell's entirely fantastic naruto sims! I just walked into the room and there they were. Who would of thought he had it in him? I've been doing quite a bit of simming myself lately- mostly recreating the plantation of Pointe Du Lac due to my little mini-contest with Pyro. I'll be posting a picture as soon as it's furnished and ready! Otherwise...SPRING BREAK!!! And nearly everyone I know is out of town...including Jeff and Tami Francis, who came to visit us this weekend- which has been really nice, by the way. Also took my first jump into the pool two days ago. Lots of screaming there. Still very, very, VERY cold. But it was about 96 that day too, so it's all good! Anyhoo, everybody enjoy their weekends, and soak up what little sunlight you might be having!