Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Technology- any texan's best friend

Well, things are finally starting to feel a little normal around here. With school, homework, real estate and all the little things in between that pop up, it's nice to sit back and enjoy the wonders of the internet once I'm back in the room. As you've seen, I recently made a quiz- it had a couple short-lived posts of it's own, as I think this site is a little late to update viewers. I'll soon be making others and adding more links- just keep your eyes on the link list! In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are really enjoying school down here. Now, I know it's no Whatcom (snickers at Bella/Pyro), but honestly, we really do like it! Choir is starting to make sense as well- it's meant learning sheet music, but hey, there's a first time for everything. Mitch is also loving school- a lot more than I could say when I was in sixth grade! Above is a picture of one of the entrances to the school- and let me say, it is no understatement that this is one big building!

But, as the title suggests, I very much hope to take full advantage of the technology that is available to keep in touch. Wish me luck, and talk to you later!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorry about that!

HI- mradrz4evr again. Apparently my quiz link has been a bit hard to track down, so here's the hyperlink. If there are any other problems, just send me a shoutout and I will fix them promptly.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Quiz!!! Take it!!!

Hey everybody! This is just a short update to let everyone know I made a quiz on! It's called Your Marvel Alter Ego, and I would be much obliged if you took it and told me how you like it! Check it out when you can, and thanks.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

House Hunters - Texas Style!

As of yesterday, our family began a process that is renowned only in it's tedious, complex nature. Yes, the house hunt is begun!
Now, as a person who has experienced this process twice now in my lifetime, let me just say that it is WAY harder than it looks! Bear in mind that you are talking to the girl that, at the tender age of four, said frequently "NO MORE HOUSES!". I, of course, remember no such thing being interjected- just a whole lot of driving. Those memories came back to me before long as we spent seven hours in the car with our real estate agent, roving about the more peaceful parts of the city to look for houses. Keep in mind that San Antonio looks nothing like Seattle, so this is a bit different than you might imagine. Above is a picture of Stone Oak, where we are currnetly living. A few more trees than you may have thought, eh? But it is also very, very big, being among the top ten largest cities in this country of ours. This means much time spent in an air conditioned car, and what feels like an equally long time span outside in the steamy SA air. But we enjoy it, looking at all the different homes around the hill country. Our search has only just begun, so wish us luck!