Monday, March 17, 2008

A LOT to catch up on!

Well, I finally synched up the digital camera, so here are some pictures for your enjoyment! To put a caption on the pics, the ones of me and Lois are us before/after seeing PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! *moment of silence to remember how freaking awesome it was* Sigh. Great stuff. The ones with the rocket are us at the of the Houston Space Center, where we were YESTERDAY. We also nearly collided with a herd of runaway cattle. Long story. And last of all- Mitchell's entirely fantastic naruto sims! I just walked into the room and there they were. Who would of thought he had it in him? I've been doing quite a bit of simming myself lately- mostly recreating the plantation of Pointe Du Lac due to my little mini-contest with Pyro. I'll be posting a picture as soon as it's furnished and ready! Otherwise...SPRING BREAK!!! And nearly everyone I know is out of town...including Jeff and Tami Francis, who came to visit us this weekend- which has been really nice, by the way. Also took my first jump into the pool two days ago. Lots of screaming there. Still very, very, VERY cold. But it was about 96 that day too, so it's all good! Anyhoo, everybody enjoy their weekends, and soak up what little sunlight you might be having!


oxymorongurl127 said...

holy crap, brooke. 96 as in 96 DEGREES OUTISIDE????? i really, really hope that i read that wrong, cuz otherwise global warming is so real. right now it's raining crazy hard - and it even snowed a few nights ago. FRICKING SNOW!!!! it's spring, for the love of god! didn't mother nature get the memo?
okay, i'll end my ranting now.


Pyro said...

are you kidding? It's been snowing off and on this week, and now it's snowing like CRAZY, and everything's covered. AND ITS ALMOST APRIL!!! oxymorongurl understands. She has to live with it, too. Unlike you freaky little 'oh it's 96 degrees, whatevs' texas people.
And what competition were we having?