Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Movie Time!!!!

Alright everybody- this saturday was one which shall remain in the lasting memory of all who were involved. Why?
Two words. Sugar and Caffiene.
Well, maybe not so much caffiene, but there was definitely candy in the house when Lois and I decided to film a remake of the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire. We rented it at blockbuster, then filmed before actually watching it. I'd never actually seen it before, but we worked from a screenplay, and voila! Movie magic. In the early hours of evening, our casting pretty much consisted of this.
LOIS: So, who do you wanna be?
BROOKE: I dunno. Lets ask your mom.
MRS. W: Hmmm. How about Brooke be Louis and Lois be Lestat?
However, for anybody who is familiar with that motley crew of angst-ridden, bloodthirsty undead, we managed to mess that one up pretty bad!!!
And as blogger-in-chief, I get my commentary, right? Read as you watch.
BLOCKBUSTER: Basically, this was me with a fully charged camera and waaaay too much time on my hands!
MEET MALLOY: Okay, I got to give Lois five-o-clock shadow!!!! *laughs evilly* And managed to deliver my lines with a piece of tissue in my mouth. Long story.
LIGHT SWITCH: Hehehehe....Lois lurves her artificial facial hair.
MY MONOLOGUE: Okay, long story here. Basically, I look quite fearful here because of both costume makeup and the fact that I couldn't stop laughing. Behind the scenes...
BROOKE: It was 1791...
LOIS: The year the funk died. (Old greg joke, hence the subtitle)
BROOKE: But I was a man then.
LOIS: Brooke!!!???
WAYS IN WHICH I TRY TO "END IT": Okay, given we had no card playing extras or bars at hand, we had to invent ways in which a despondent Louis would try to throw it all away. That involved scarfing down 8 nilla wafers (I only managed 7), unsuccessfully tying a noose out of Lois's fantastic sparkly scarf, and pretending to gouge the sadly blunt pasta implement we found on the counter into my neck. End long story!
OUTDOORS: First, when I walk down the street, yes, I am wearing basketball shorts. Not going to force Brad Pitt's character into a skirt, ya hear me?
Second, yes, we all know that Lois is going to be the most fabulous Lestat in existence. Needs no explanation.
And third: YES, SHE ACTUALLY TACKLED ME!!!! This is one of many violent acts Lois will commit in the next few minutes... (also- enjoying her killing noise? Lovin my first of many death scenes?)
DEATHBED PT. 1: Okay, those lipstick puncture wounds? I couldn't get them off in time for church the next morning. Lots of interesting questions resulted.
DOOR OPENING: I think she just really likes saying Louis. Don't we all? Also- lovin my delightful slurping noise?
DEATHBED PT. 2: We really screwed up here. I pretty tried to mask my laughter with pain and misery, while Lois forget her lines!!!! :^J
WE HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE, OF COURSE: DID YOU SEE THAT??? LOIS SLUGGED RACHEL!!! (her sister, fyi) That was so funny, I have to say.
ITS A RAT: That stuff that was meant to be blood but looks more like champagne is actually FUZE drink. Great stuff. I downed the whole thing once we were off camera.
FILLER SCENES: Again with the killing noise. Love it. Anyhow, here we get a much-needed glimpse into the personal lives of our fav vampires. Enjoy!
COFFIN: Okay, this scene will last for all living memory, mostly because (a) it is a toy bin, (b) it is freakishly small, even for a toy bin, and (c), I couldn't get out. It took ALL my upper body strength to escape, believe me.
ENTER THE HUSKY: Okay, we originally had a relatively large cast base, since Lois has multiple siblings, but Hannah and Rachel were both occupied with sleep or otherwise, so we had to improvise. So we dressed up a husky. And improvise we did!
MY DOG, CLAUDIA: Okay, our Claudia is actually named Julia and was at that late hour of night waaay past her bedtime as it was. So we got to reenact the attack of Claudia....with a husky. Words cannot describe how strange I felt sinking my nonexistnent fangs into a stuffed animal. Poor husky.
THE DUET MONOLOGUE: Yay, we actually memorized part of our lines! As this was the last scene of part one, we both worked on our lines to perfection, and delivered them! (try to not notice that, even with makeup on, Texans will always be ridiculously more tan than washingtonians. Gr.)

Other than that, we got some interesting reactions from this whole affair, so I just though I ought to post those as well!
RACHEL (upon seeing Lois in Malloy outfit): So, did you break into the oreos or what?
(as we messed around with the camera)
BROOKE: This thing makes your eyes look black.
LOIS: It makes of stormy grey.
BROOKE: *in strong british accent* AHM STORMY GREY!!!!
LOIS: *falls over*
(also old greg joke, don't try to comprehend that one)
BROOKE: (looking at Julia) She'd be the perfect Claudia.
LOIS: Lets test. Julia, bite my wrist, okay? (Julia....complies) NOT REALLY!!!!!!
BROOKE: Perfect Claudia!
JULIA: (to brooke) I think you're good cause you're the strongest and you've got vampire teeth!
LOIS: (seeing Brad Pitt) He really does have your hair.
LOIS: (following Armand scene) And you thought Lestat was flamboyant.

So, thats that, and have a wonderful week!
(ps- shoutout to Dad in Hawaii- do a hula for me!)

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