Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blast from the Past...last summer anyway

For everybody who was and wasn't acquainted with Cinder's litter last year, I discovered a couple of pictures of the puppies! They were Gabby, Ruffles, Miley, Bailey, Ray (yay Ray!), Turner....and I can't remember the last puppy's name! If anyone can jog my memory, please do! And please comment on their cutiness- they are cute, aren't they? We made believers out of multiple pugs-are-ugly sympathizers.


Kaitlyn said...

You told me to comment, so here I am. Are you sure there's no sun-bleached cow skulls? What a disappointment. You should go skull-hunting sometime and hang one on the wall. By the way, cute puppies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is from ur eldest cousin in the Pacific NW. Nice blog! The puppies were (and are) so cute! Just 2 jog ur memory, the last puppy was Jetta! We loved her too. Have fun @ school. Can't wait 2 hear about it. :-)