Sunday, October 14, 2007

Viva la Media!

And I don't mean "up with half"! As of recent, I've found a little spare time, and in my boredom, I created a video on youtube and a wallpaper which is on my screen right now! You can see it above. As for the video, I hope that shows up too-- this would also be the first video I've ever posted on blogger, unlike Bella, who is quite enviably tech-savvy (grrr...). If you want to see it on the site too for some random reason, just search "loup garou files" and it oughta come up! (PS- mine is the one not entirely in french!)
Oh darn- my video's on the other computer. Just try youtube, okay? Other than that, not much to report. Love y'all back home, and adios!

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Anonymous said...

i am currently not speaking to you. but i will type furiously at you for a little while. team jacob? what the heck? I was angry enough at that, but then I see LEECHES??? Angry in the extreme, little musk-loving one. anger in the extreme.