Thursday, May 29, 2008

All's Fair in Love, War, and Twilight Theories

Goooood morning Vietnam!!! I come to you on the night before exams, when all through the house, everyone was watching TV, except for the eldest Nowakowski, who chooses to update her blog and fanfiction instead! Huzzah! Now, as I am halfway certain there are multiple people reading my blog- you have reached Brooke's site. Its me. Shocking, I know. But here is the TwiThought for the night:

We all see this picture, correctamundo? Now, hopefully by now we've all read the preface, along with that infamous quote:

"...when dawn breaks, an angel will fall."

Now, my personal Edward (brother, not bf, fyi) brought up an interesting theory today that has roots in Super Smash Bros and is quite confusing, so I will condense it. Basically, what if "fallen angel" means "evil", not "dead"? What if Edward, or another vampire that was goody-goody-gumdrops prior Breaking Dawn turns to the DARK SIDE!!!! *cue scary music*
Yeah, I know. "Don't jinx the luck" and all that, but seriously. Maybe he joins the Volturi under blackmail. Maybe he just kills at random. Who knows? But we have a HUGE hint through this picture. Who is it? Thats for you to decide. But in the meantime and in between time, you rock your thing and I'll rock mine, got it?
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Meaghan Shaw said...

yo girlie! it's meaghan with-the-h.
OME!!!!!!this pic could be anyone...n i like ur new theory...makes mucho sense. my computer seems to not like you, or the name brooke...cause i looked up brook on google and it only showed things of rivers...stupid piece of crap. won't let me e-mail you 4 whatever reason. i tried ur link to the 1st chapter n it didn't either could you send it to me or u culd post it here...either way it matters to me! tnks so very much! oh! n if u need my e-mail just PM me on FF n i'll get it to you! tnkx!!!!!!!!!!

meaghan with-the-h