Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Been A While...

...since I updated my blog. But all that is about to change! Because here and now we have the extra special, jam-packed FRDIAY THE THIRTEENTH EDITION!!! And, allowing some characteristic bad luck doesn't do me in by the end of the day, there will be a weekly entry to follow this one for the remainder of the summer.

In current affairs, my life as of recent has been one overwhelming whirlwind of activity and the moments in between in which I do things such as this- and a bit of Sims in the middle, since I never entirely shook off that architecture kick. Right now there are seven people under our roof- the original fam, as well as my paternal grandparents and great-aunt. This means the former has been forced to scatter our typical sleeping patterns, though I have had the good fortune to stay in my own room for two out of three nights. For this I am eternally grateful- as you may know, when I am NOT writing or simming, I am usually doing activities which actually require relative silence. Extendies, love ya, but family reunions of any scale are never, EVER, quiet.

But more than anything else lately, I have been getting questions about high school. In case you entirely forgot who I am or don't know me in the slightest (stalkers, I will destroy you, FYI), I am going to be a freshman at the most ginormous school imaginable next year. So, for the benefit of all, here is the BROOKE HIGH-SCHOOL FAQ

Q: What classes are you taking?
A: GT English, Pre-AP Science/Math/History, Theater Productions, Journalism, PE and Mandarin Chinese.

Q: GT? Pre-AP?
A: GT translates as Gifted and Talented, meaning I had to take what is basically an IQ test to get in. Did that last year, qualified for all a kid my age can do, the end. Pre-AP stands for Pre-Advanced Placement, meaning I'm taking advanced classes now to enter college classes in my latter years of high school. The more credit I can accumulate while in the public education system, the better.

Q: Are you scared?
A: Um....let me answer your question with another question. "If a tree falls on a mime in the middle of the forest and no one is around, does anyone care?" Same. Exact. Answer.

Q: Any favorite class?
A: Well, I haven't exactly taken any of these classes yet, so I have yet to pick out favorites. But I'm looking forward to biology, english and productions most, I have to admit. Also, Mandarin Chinese, although I am still a bit intimidated by that language as a whole. Still, I pretty much figured out spanish- no use in taking the easy way out now!

A: I use all-caps there for a very good reason. Everyone from my relatives to my dentist to my youth pastor has had very strong feelings that Texas sports would suffer without my presence. *nervous laughter* Um, have they ever seen me play? But its true- I did want to do sports down here, especially field, in which I had shown a great deal of promise last season. But as it turns out, being in sports means giving up your PE class AND elective- for me, journalism. And once again, as you would obviously guess from my blogging in the first place, writing comes first. Always and without question. Plus, a school newspaper for a thousand-plus students? Bound to make any aspiring journalist drool at the mouth. Plus, the coveted position of editor in chief is just calling my name.....

More than anything, I am somewhat intrigued by high school as a whole- the wealth of opportunity, especially in a district as well-funded as our own, is exciting to any student. The only difficulty I anticipate is that of a social nature. No matter how much the curriculum matures, the majority of the student body has yet to grow up along with it. But if I can enjoy the experience, and leave freshman year feeling satisfied with all aspects of my development, my goal will have been achieved.

I know this post lacks pictures. However, I can assure you I will have no shortage of photos by the next time I alert you of a post, as we are heading down to the riverwalk in the evening hours. On Friday the Thirteenth. *facepalm*
But lets end this post with a list, as every other summer post will end with from here on out.

1. The amazazingness of Pyro and Daniels gracing our Texan wilderness. Heaven help us all.
2. The Dark Knight. I mean, come on. What can equal it? Well....
3. ....actually, if the reviews were accurate, The Incredible Hulk. What a summer for film. Brings a tear to my eye. *sniffle* Its like 03 all over again.
4. Breaking Dawn. Yes, the final (most likely not, but its all I know so far.) installment in "Brooke's gay vampire love novels". I say, wait for the movie!!! IT WILL SHOW YOU ALL!!! MUAHA!!! (seriously, the movie is looking FAN-tastic.)
5. Writing the next great story of our time. I say this every summer. I figure, when it finally happens, the shock won't be nearly as horrifying for my sparse fandom.
6. Watching RERUNS!!! Because I can't stand this summer's lineup of reality tv, I watch old movies and shows instead. Mostly, this results in me being very sad that Moonlight got cancelled, and listening the the Axel Foley theme. A lot.
7. Being the Twilight Insider. Serving Bexar County and the Bellingham vicinity since 2008.
8. Looking up strange music. Some of which is in French. Good stuff, actually, though I still prefer German.
9. Slowly but surely teaching myself to play Clocks on the keyboard. This, even in addition to "Drops of Jupiter" and the riff at the end of "Epic" will most likely take me nowhere in life, but hey, its amusing while it lasts.
10. And last but not least, world domination.

Signing off for the day, I wish you all a black cat and at LEAST one broken mirror!

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