Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two Posts. One Day. Is this mission.....impossible?

Apparently not.
Well, to start off my more reflective half of today's posting, lets just say things are pretty awesome as of this moment, for three big reasons.
1. In less than 4 days, we will have a legion of fantastic proportions arriving in S.A.!
2. There will be thunderstorms all day, and lightning is tearing the sky in two as we speak!!
And last of all...
3. VIVA LA VIDA IS NUMBER ONE ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS!!!!! Shake It fell in at number 10, and if that wasn't awesome enough, With You is in LAST PLACE!!! Let me take this moment to make you all aware of my feelings for Chris Brown. *ahem* FURY. MALICE. ANGER. HATRED. LOATHING. UNADULTERATED LOATHING. (for everyone who just broke into a certain song from the Wicked musical, I applaud you.) So everyone can pretty much understand why June 21 is an awesome day in the living memory of all things Texas. Even if the rest of the Texan population is still hyperventilating over the fact that Rascall Flatts and Taylor Swift are performing this weekend. You know, I really don't get country. Its like listening to a gnat with a loud background of poorly orchestrated "rock" and the occasional banjo riff.
On a similar note, Neil Diamond is coming to Texas within the next four months. If anyone wishes to join me in my easily determined plans for the day he happens to roll in, please contact me ASAP.
But folks, what a time this has been so far. Having just watched every Rocky movie ever created, I can assure you that I know what it means to have the eye of the tiger. But that's the nice thing about summer. No need for inhuman levels of drive, determination, and tireless work ethic. Right?
PSYCHE! This is the household of NOWAKOWSKI, and we do not know the meaning of vacation. Nor do we know the meaning of pain (only a feeling and/or sensation), second place(AKA- first loser), or "chill out" (numerous choir directors and science teachers have tried, and failed, to change this.) So for the past few days, we've been in what Dad has dubbed "Spartan Training". Now, for all you people out there that don't understand the Spartan way- you are hopeless. Go join the Athenians, you pathetic losers. For those that do, you may have an inkling as to what this means for Mitchell and I. Most of it involves cardio exercise while in either the midday or afternoon hours, and in Texas, that means heat. But if it will help me achieve some semblance of the Spartan way of life, fine by me!
Shoutout to everyone in Washington- can't wait to see you guys!

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