Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I had a dream that a hamburger tried to eat me!

Not really.
But I did have a dream that my youth group, Mrs. Youtsey and untold others got stuck in a campsite right out of Jurassic Park!
Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment- my nightmare.

It started with me and a large group of girls- some I knew, some I did not, but all from Texas if memory serves- inside a bus driving through a forested area. Random adults were present as well, such as my family, Mrs. Youtsey, and Jamie's mom.
Then the bus started going through these gates. (by now, there was only one straight road in this jungle-like forest.) At first it was the same driver going through the same gate, but then he got a cell phone call, and began to grow all uneasy. Then, when a gate opened, he would step out and another driver would come in. The old driver would be violently attacked by a dinosaur, and we would move along, leaving him or her presumably killed. I began to feel like this wasn't a youth camp, but some kind of isolated encampment.
Then we were in the camp, and it looked a lot like the lynden countryside in summer, except we had buildings for our dorms, an outdoor amphitheater made of wood, and a pool behind the stage. The stage, however, was large and wooden- highly resembling the one in the annex building of silver beach, right down to the cranberry curtains. Otherwise, this area was forested in a northwestern fashion, with the jungle surrounding on one side of the campus and a very rural wheat field on the other, beside the pool.
I was walking in the back of the amphitheater when I saw my Dad sitting on the back step, and my family appeared beside me. I think my mom asked what they were doing, and I said, matter-of-factly, "they're killing them." Onstage was Mrs. Youtsey, her arms spread to one side as though announcing an act. I remember looking at my Dad and wondering if it was hard for him to watch a woman he once had some kind of affection for die in such a way. But my mom was now confused, though not panicked in the way you would imagine. She wondered why they (the they was never exactly revealed) were murdering them. I remember having a strong sense of knowing that somehow these victims had "broken the rules". However, I do not recall what those rules were. Only a strange sense of heightened superiority in my knowledge that I had not been selected.
Suddenly I was in the dorm room, a room verging on cream colored white walls, with gray carpet and a layout like that I have drawn (see sketch).
Here, Jamie's mom was sitting in the desk chair, talking soberly to a highly placid Lois. She was saying at first how if this killer was simply commiting mass murder for the pleasure of it, we would be better served to wait in our escape, rather than leave and let the remainder of the camp group die at the hands of our nameless killer at an even faster rate.
Suddenly my mother was there. I pleaded her to get an airplane, such as the one with which they had been presumably visiting with, to rescue us by night or at some other inconspicuous time. But my mom said that Jamie's mom had a point, and seemed entirely reluctant to even consider this form of rescue, or any form, for that matter. Before long, my mother had disappeared, and I was now sitting on my cot facing the bathroom.
Jamie's mom then stated that Jamie and Mrs. Youtsey had died, seemingly in an ongoing conversation with Lois, that which I had not detected until that moment. (I was sitting on a cot facing the desk when this happened. Additionally, I began to wonder at this point if the woman's remarks were geared only toward a death wish for those of use who had not perished alongside Jamie.) I exclaimed "Mrs. Youtsey?", when Jamie's mom nodded and added "And the *name not remembered* family.
This really hit me hard. I have no recollection of the name of this family, but I somehow knew something about them, for I started repeating their name to myself and had a distinct image of the people in my head at the time. I curled up to the wall, pushing my head against it and sobbing to myself. Numerous ideas began to run through my head- ideas for escape as well as a strong desire to blog about it. For some reason, Pete Wentz and Perez Hilton came immediately to mind, and I was certain this was the right thing to do.
However, prior this Jamie's mom disappeared. Heather and Jessica had been brushing their teeth and chatting in the bathroom through the duration of the previous episode, and were now loudly singing the lyrics to "Sadie Hawkins Dance" to one another. I began to darkly tell them off, stating they would get us all killed; saying "shut up" or thinking about how I had no idea what the "rules" were, though I had a sinking feeling that Heather and Jessica were inadvertantly bringing us into a world of trouble.
A day passed, and began with me crouched over a laptop eerily similar to the very one I type this on. There was a blank screen with a URL bar, and I typed in some random blog server address, but it was the wrong one- as I realized when the home page popped up. I quickly slammed the screen down and went back out.
Then I was standing in the area between the pool and the wheat field, alongside one girl I didn't see clearly, another who I think was Lois, and another with black hair whom looked at me strangely with a small smile, and for whom I had a deep mistrust. . There was a wooden, western-style fence between us and the steep hill leading down to the field, and a very high, very warped chain-link fence between us and the pool. I noticed the fence curled around the pool (this was, by the way, one of those standup frame pools you see on tv, but like two combined, making an 8 shape) in such a way that it resembled a track. Jamie's mother stood on a lifeguard post-looking structure with a loudspeaker, and called forward Jessica and Heather. Suddenly, I noticed that there were two dinosaurs- one small and of a muddled color, the other brown and a little taller than me- like a well-proportioned, miniature T-rex. The two girls jumped the fence, ridiculously eager for the task ahead, and the black haired girl stood up on the fence as well, though stayed there to spectate. I followed suit almost simultaneously to her. A buzzer sounded, and the girls began running, chased by the dinosaurs at a blurringly fast pace. The crowd cheered, and every time the brown dinosaur came my way, I made a habit of swinging backward as to avoid being in the way or distracting it to my disadvantage. On the last lap, I suddenly noticed the dinosaur nearest me was now a boy, of a husky build with short, black hair; making some kind of informative gesture to Jamie's mom, thus ending the race. There were about three laps, when the girls slowed to a stop and a negative bell reminiscent of a game show sounded. Heather and Jessica's faces were clearly disappointed over their loss, but remained as such when Jamie's mom told them to stand on the sidelines- not with us, but inside the fence nonetheless.
I suddenly had an instinctual feeling that two more people were going to be put into today's festivities, possibly our entire group. The black-haired girl threw a malicious stare in my direction, as though saying "you first." I looked to the sky for some kind of rescue, but the air was completely clear- blue skies all the way through. I looked at the field and at Lois (for some reason, the entire dream I never actually thought about making a run for it on my own, but only what the "whole group" could accomplish.) and realized that it was our best route of escape. I doubted we would not be caught, but this was our only hope.
Then it ended.

All this from reading a manga book about a girl and her shape-shifting neighbors right before bedtime.

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