Friday, October 24, 2008

Since I know I'm going to be busy...

...with journalism this weekend, just thought I ought to post a new entry.
*pleased sigh* I didn't have to go to practice eeeearrllly this morning.
Instead, I went to Student Council, where we discussed fundraisers and various other matters of trivial consideration. Tonight I look forward to berating my mother for giving me MITCHELL'S LUNCH after MITCHELL refused to open the door to let me get my cellphone! But *sigh*, I am okay now, albeit rather hungry and without a phone. But you can't blame me! Who eats go-gurts and sandwiches with nothing but ham on them?

Journalism continues to progress splendidly- although, for reasons yet to be determined, whenever you go to myspace video it immediately directs you to the NEISD home page. Like- oh, you wandering adolescent, read some Encyclopedia Britiannica!

The weather has more of a bite to it nowadays, but regardless, I continue to wear shorts and sweat profusely in the hot sunlight of Texas. I look forward to doing a fair bit of that this afternoon, as we rally for a hopeless game against Reagan. Its kind of hilarious- we made t-shirts saying "Blue In, Green Out". Problem being, "Green Out" was Reagan's idea of a clever pun based on A&M's "Maroon Out", and thus, we are suffering from an unfortunate case of pun-of-a-pun due to the fact that our cheerleaders cannot make a clever slogan to save their lives.

Aside from this, very little has gone on in the Johnson circuit these days. Aside from the idea of a "Mr. Johnson Beauty Pagaent" (do not ask), I have been rehearsing like crazy! And I gotta go. Now. So---byebye!

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Pyro said...

They seriously want to do a man-pageant? That would be totally awesome.