Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I would like to dedicate this moment in song. Enjoy.

Its a thing I've dreamt of since the day she raced onscreen with Alejandro- the man who time (and his own sister) forgot. For once, Mohinder did something right. (although I personally am enjoying his chaotic-justice complex right about now.)

And while it may be hard for some to swallow (if it is, I prose: WTH is wrong with you???), it is the truth: straight up from's correspondent with E!. And let me tell you- that chick is NEVER wrong.

So while we await the sure-to-be-clever return of Ando, the sheer awesomeness that will be Papa P, and the nightmares sure to follow once Claire and Co. butt heads with the puppetmaster- a few spoilers to hold you over. Think of them as appetizers for an inexplicably savory main course!

Well, you heard it here first: we are going to lose Adam. However, my delirious happiness will be obvious to anyone who fans with me on this series, since my three main issues with season 2 were as follows:
1. Maya.
2. Elle-ctric Slide (though she kind of grew on me once she quit trying to snatch peter from singledom)
3. THE GUY WHO TRIED KILLING HIRO, DARN HIM!!! Also known as: Adam Monroe, the psuedo-Claire from feudal Japan. Which, by the way, is not the type of place you wanna head to over thanksgiving break. At the very least, leave the kids at home.

With Elle permanently depressed and going loner on us- just the way I like it- my problems with Heroes are disappearing fast. Also, given the great thought I put into the viewing of each episode, I am rarely stalled by the confusion that plagues most viewers of this most spectacular show. But while I enjoy it so very much, I have to say- if they cancel it, I may just stop watching TV altogether. Office aside, Heroes is the best thing on the screen right now. Even better than the debates, if you ask me- and yes, I did watch the majority of these latest borefests, and yes, it was more and more of the same old thing. So as the government, economy and weather patterns of texas continue to baffle and disappoint, one thing can always be counted on: monday nights, and all the joys they bring.
And no, I don't mean football.

Other brief, since this is a spoiler post and my mom is nagging me to sleep, although I will undoubtedly sleep at 10:30 and wake up at 6:27 as I do every night since my dreams have started coming back. Not sure why, but I have been having them like crazy lately. First time I'm in somebody's house off northshore by the silver beach grocery- listening to this guy talk about how he disposed of his brother's remains in the ocean and reading what claire ordered off on-demand in season 1- and in the second, taking a bus ride with this incompetent chick I know driving the thing, while people fly out the windows as we careen around Johnson. You know, I would kill for a MEANINGFUL dream once in a while. I mean, one where my classmates are NOT inexplicably milling around Britton road.

Argh, she nags again.
(sorry mom- i still love you)

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