Friday, September 7, 2007

The Cold, Hard Facts

The other day while in the elevator on the way back up to our room, I realized what can only be described as an unavoidable truth. I have been at the Residence Inn way too long. How can you tell? To help, I made a list called *drumroll please*
1. When you begin experimenting with the continental breakfast- i.e. a toasted english muffin with sausage, scrambled eggs, seasoned potatoes and cheese sauce. Putting coffee flavorings in the waffle batter.
2. When you know every housekeeper and staff member's name.
3. When you KNOW who the noisy neighbor next door is, and see them every day at social hour.
4. When the receptionist asks you, on a daily basis, how your school day was.
5. When a majority of your meals are from the lobby area, costco or walmart.
6. When you start writing lists about all the weird stuff that comes from living here.
7. When you've been here over thirteen days and know there's only thirteen more to look forward to.
8. When you race around the elevator like a crazy person just for the heck of it.
9. When you realize the housekeeping lady must get very irritated at your habit of leaving layers of clothing on your side of the room. (I alone have this problem)
10. When there is not only a neighbor dog, but you know it's name and breed.
Some of these things haven't happened to me. Sad to say, many have. And, number 7 being very true indeed, I will have many more things to write about our stay at residence inn. Wish us luck, and good luck to all the schoolgoing viewers back home!

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Anonymous said...

I have discovered that my animagus would be a gray wolf or a bat. Not a greyhound, ha!