Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Cornucopia of Internet

First here, I would like to publicly thank all who participated in my quizzes- as of right now, 79 people took the Marvel one, and 33 the Van Helsing one!. And yes, Taylor Jeanne is Bella. (But call me Edward and you will regret it dearly!)
Having completed our first week of classes, we are now enjoying a long stretch of dull days. And how wonderful dull can be! I'm writing from a brand new laptop, so any little quirks that pop up are probably a result of the new keyboard. I'm getting better though! Above you will find some pictures of us relaxing around the room. Note that everybody appears to be in one piece, Mitchell is still a hard-core gamer, and I appear to be lacking arms! (What I was actually lacking was a photographer, as it happens.) During our free time, the Nowakowskis typically cruise the countryside to get a better feel for the area, watch The Office and fine films such as The Avengers:Dr. Strange. Mitch and I sometimes watch The Next Greatest Superhero, but that's another story. However, with homework starting to pile up already, it gets harder and harder to relax. But, whether it takes a swim in the pool or run on the exercise bike, we all find ways to destress. I wish everybody back home a great start of school, and an excellent labor day weekend!

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