Monday, January 21, 2008

Update - Finally!

Alright everybody- now you get a much longed for update to the blog!
School goes on as per usual, and everyone will be glad to hear Mitch and I will be passing with flying colors this semester. Save for my completely out-to-lunch choir director, who, among MANY things, has suggested on two occasions now that we save time in class by placing tissues in our unmentionables. This is not a joke.
But for the rest of the time, things have been going swimmingly for the Nowakowski household. We recently watched Dragon Wars (good for a laugh) and Blades of Glory (VERY good for a laugh), and obtained the game Rock Band. I now love rock band to no end, and if you have not played it or (to a lesser extent) Guitar Hero, your love of that burst-your-eardrums genre cannot be developed fully. Run to your BestBuy and try it TODAY!! (plus, on a side note, I have to tell you it can be very funny to get a bunch of friends together to play. Never have I found myself genuinely enjoying yelling the lyrics of Black Hole Sun into a very small microphone. But alas, it was.)
You may not have known (aka you couldn't have known), but I recently posted my second video on youtube, this time deriving from my Sims game. To view it, since I haven't posted the link yet, just search "mradrz4evr" in the search engine and view Cullens, my latest creation set to Blue Oyster Cult. Some others may realize that I accidentally killed off the Rosalie-esque character via a fallen satellite. As I have been forced to mention each time this comes up, Mitch had warned me just minutes before, and I didn't listen. However, let ME mention that on Mitchell's advice, I would probably have spent my life savings to fly to Japan and test-drive Super Smash Bros Brawl (jk buddy!).
Also, in response to my recent discovery of the guerrila-warefare tactic my buddy ol pal Pyro used over the trip to Washington (check my profile. its still there.) I have a link for both Bella AND Pyro, so enjoy!!! (ps- this is somewhat good for a laugh, and I think anyone who reads it will understand automatically where those two stand, eh?)
Well, now off to update all the rest of this site with some fresh content, so adios once more, and keep checking, because I do this every once in a while!

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Pyro said...

My endearingly misinformed friend,
I shall respond to this sad little article as I read it.
1. You know this upteenth remake of dracula that he speaks of? Well, my beloved Bravado starred as the titled character. Which increases my love of the beautiful granite species even more.
2. They think and act like they're better because, alas, they ARE better.
3. They would ignore you if you asked for the location of the keg because they don't familiarize themselves with repulsive drunkards.
4. They only float around in a flambouyant cape because they can pull it off. And who else do you know of that can poof into mist? Ah, yes, my Bravado (ahem, who was also a vampire...)
5. He just made my own point for me. Vampires are much more romantic and great with the ladies.
6. Yes, yes they are the beautiful people.
7. We don't love them for their money, but it is an added bonus. Just because you people are such losers that you're broke all the time and have nothing better to do than insult the pretty, rich, attractive ones, doesn't mean you're better than them by any measure.
Thank you, and goodnight.