Sunday, February 10, 2008

We've Done the Impossible!!!

Thats right- we got all three books in the TWILIGHT SERIES!!! Thats Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, for the uninformed. With the sequel coming out in August and the movie(!!!) in December, this series is looking to be the next Harry Potter. If you like vampires, werewolves, romance and/or just want to jump on the bandwagon before it hits BIG, read these books! But on to our latest in texan experiences.
Here in the lone star state we love to compete, and that means in EVERYTHING. One thing led to another for Mitch and I, and last weekend we went on to win two firsts, one third and a fourth in Academic UIL!!!!! This is pretty huge stuff, considering the hundreds of kids that are competing in these subject-based competitions, but what can we say? Nowakowski DOES mean work, after all.
Our church league basketball tells a similar story, with my own team moving to playoffs within the next couple weeks! Our sweat, blood and tears are finally paying off- in the form of a shiny gold trophy. Oh, the glory and glamour that is the "Transformers", girls 7-8 bball. (we all took nicknames accordingly. I got stuck with megatron.)
So when we're not kicking butt and taking names, how do we manage to keep busy? Two words.
Our virtual band, Juxtapose, has now reached medium difficulty on all songs and are currently working to master the song Detroit Rock City. Much harder than it sounds. But with Dani California up and ready, hopefully once I get the hang of my video camera, you can get a sneak peek of one of our many jam sessions. With Mitch on drums and myself on guitar and vocals, we make quite the racket between the hours of four and five.
In between the writing comps, I enjoy writing numerous Twilight fanfictions, ranging anywhere from parody screenplays to my recent "what if" drama, so just check on the mradrz4evr account for updated chapters. Review if you love me!
In other news, nobody has broken any bones, contracted rabies or impaled themselves on a saguaro cactus, so things have been pretty good! Mom is now up for any substitution job in the NEISD district, and Dad continues to enjoy work at corporate headquarters. Not to mention the rising temperature down here...the pool looks better every day!
As for that last pic- just a little blast from the past. Mitchell squeezing a pug to the point of suffocation. Ah, memories...

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