Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ode to Wikipedia

Alright, we all hate it, but you gotta admit- Wikipedia is the website we ALL go to when we want to avoid skimming over 2,031,4539 1/2 websites on google. And it can tell you some interesting things! For example, did you know:
1. That guy cast as Charlie in the new Twilight movie? HES FROM BHAM!!! Yay. I now have proof that Bellingham Washington actually exist! (half the people in my school think I'm from D.C., fyi)
2. OOH! So is the lead singer from Death Cab for Cutie! (whose music I have never heard, but he's famous enough to have a picture on his wikiprofile. That has to count for something)OH!!! AND HE LEADS THE POSTAL SERVICE!!!! One of my favorite new bands. YAY HIM!!!
3. And from Mt. Vernon....Demi Moore and Jim Caviezel. Oh, that rainy land of my youth.
4. The inventor of Gatorade hails from S.A. A moment of silence for this electrolyte miracle-drink.
5. And the chairman of Valero *spits violently*
6. Hey! Patrick Swayze lives here! I wonder if my mother knows...
Okay, and now for a theory I've long meant to disprove. It had its roots waaay back in the day, when we were living in the Monte Cristo and my major hobby involved taking pictures of my stuffed llama, Loup-Garou. Lois was over and we were busy youtube-scouring, when I find this video that says, OH, THIS IS THE HUNGARIAN SUICIDE SONG THAT CAN DRIVE ANYONE OVER THE EDGE!!! We watched it. And, needless to say, it wasn't all that depressing. But maybe that was just us- how about you? Can YOU stand the horror and fright (jk) that is the HUNGARIAN SUICIDE SONG? Judge for yourself, and please, comment on your reactions. Thanx!
See the song here
And no, nothing will jump out at you, nor is that orchestrated part in the beginning the actual song. The maker of this video reaaaally wanted to draw the whole boring affair out as long as possible.
Anyways, enjoy!

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Pyro said...

I'm still alive! Let the whole world rejoice!