Friday, April 4, 2008

April Showers.....

.....don't really happen in Texas. Not lately, anyway- most of the time we have been facing strangely overcast, yet somehow oppressively humid, days. It makes shotput quite interesting, I can tell you that much!
Things have been relatively quiet in San Antonio, but, like most things down south, wait five minutes and that will almost certainly change! Our school musical has been announced as "Once On This Island", an obscure play that is kind of like a crossover between The Little Mermaid, Romeo and Juliet, with this guy that pretty much embodies the Volturi thrown in, minus all the mythological creatures. Confuzzling, I know, but once it's up and running you can be sure I will have pictures for the occasion! Tryouts are in the next two wish me luck!
Mitchell's 12th b-day party was last week, and what a night! I pretty much kept to myself, save for several threats in Mitchell's general direction under the premise that he dare to prank me, but from a reliable source I heard they stayed up until three AM. Needless to say, when I walked in the rec room at 11 AM that morning, one boy was sprawled along the couch, yet another precariously lying on the edge, and the last had somehow fallen asleep UNDER the air mattress. It was rather funny, I have to say.
But my greatest amusement these past few days has been my mother, whom, as some of you may have already heard, is reading the Twilight Saga. And the things she says! Since monday I have been proclaiming "Blog-worthy!" at numerous quotes before recording them in a notebook, and here they are- the hilariously unknowing things mi madre says por TWILIGHT!
"Is Edward evil?"
"Is Bella evil? I want to know!"
"So let me get this straight. The Cullens are werewolves that camp out every other weekend?"
"Is Edward making those boys sick? Mike and Jacob?? Telepathically!???"
Oh, mamasita. Love you!
But there are always great quotes to be found, which brings me to my next installment of the blog. My Favorite Quotes of FILM! Be watching for this in the side column, or on the post area, over the weekend- I have much more time in that window, typically. But for now, ADIOS!

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Angry, Murderous Pyro said...

GAH are you ever going to update! I finally have an unlimited amount of internet time, and am going absolutely CRAZY over here, and for the first time all week NO ONE has been online!!!