Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures of Importance.

*sigh* Wow, is this a landslide of unwarranted updating or what? In case you haven't noticed, I pretty much abandoned ship on the freewebs site, because the picture uploading system irritated me. However, that means you will still be getting the occasional Twilight-themed post- if it is of great importance. And lemme say right now, there is some awesome stuff coming!
Right here we have pictures of my school's recent musical, in which I was cast as a storyteller- think narrator, more singing and dancing. Also included are pictures of me hugging my beloved dolphin, Tony Stark, and enjoying life with highlights. Hope YOU enjoy it as well, and comment while you can! Thanx


Pyro said...

TREE GILMORE!!! IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Your mother can show this to your and Travis' children and say 'This is when I knew!'

pyro said...

He does, really, look quite familiar. Maybe he just has one of those faces.