Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Moment In Time - the Johnson Times

We at the Johnson Newspaper are celebrating today. For over a delicious monster pizza, chatting of lame pep rallies and plans to make second page of the yearbook on the eve of our homecoming game, our newspaper is out of the press.
It smells good. Like ink and new paper and sweat and blood. Ink, for the thousands of words and many days we typed until our fingers twinged. Paper, for the smooth, modern layout and honest pictures that dot every page. Sweat, for that deadline day when we panicked over those idiots who don't allow their name in the school publications, but wanted to be interviewed anyway. And blood- for those many, painful papercuts.

Its a day etched in time- for as long as this school stands, and funding holds, this is Issue 1, Volume 1, of our brainchild. That which we carried from conception to today; surviving its tumultuous birth and now preparing to grow in a strange new world.

As many people that will follow, we are the first. Eight pages of art, advertising and great writing, our own to call "the original". And like those thirteen secret seasonings, we poured our efforts into giving it all the zest and flavor of our time and talent. Its a little greasy at times, and we may have forgotten a few drumsticks, but this is one fine product. From our table to yours.

We ponder if someday, when some young up-and-coming reporter makes a 10 Ideas list of their own, will "Johnson Pride Retrospective" be among them? Will that rookie be interviewing us, who once scrambled for the smallest quote from the biggest names on campus, on how this institution came to be?

I'm certain each of us, be it with a gentle smile or a malevolent chuckle, will have some pearl of wisdom to share. So, in Newspaper class fashion, I will end this entry with quotes.

"I'm trying to think of something really deep and meaningful, but actually, I'm just really really excited right now."

"I'm so excited right now, like I'm totally going to send it to all my families. I mean, family members--wait!"

"I'm going to frame it. On my wall."

"You all did an excellent job for this to be a new school with a new staff. There are accomplished schools out there right now that still don't have an issue printed...... well, maybe you shouldn't write that."

"I just called Mr. Wickerham a metro."


(nothing. he's out for yom kippur right now. PSYCHE!)

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Pyro said...

Hey, don't disrespect the drumsticks. Those are the best part.
And seriously, there's some big long quote-giving people named Jewitt in every state, isn't there?