Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another week, another review

In customary manner, I have been spurred to write on my blog for the one thing that drives me to theorize and jump about my room in glee like little else on this earth:

Yes, that was backwards. But then, so are many things in the Heroverse these days. Let us begin with my typical play-by-play of characters:

Ah yes. Having watched this episode with a friend from the hood, I, (along with her mother), totally called it, which we were not hesitant to rub in the face of aforementioned friend and her brother. While current Daphne continues to free agent in the biz of evil and Parkman grappels with his amphibian totem guide and possible future, these two are one big family in the not-so-distant future, united by wuv and their baby, Daniella. *cue collective "awwww"* Along with Molly, who is apparently stunted in her growth following the brutal murder of her parents, they live in a very mod-art apartment and (recurring theme) live in a world of Mr. Mom and the feminine provider. Looooonng story short, Daphne dies, and now present Matt is determine to seek out this future and prevent unbeknownst blonde from her fiery fate. I wish him well.

Just had to do a rundown here, given this little un' has been through sooo many screwed up situations by this point in the series. Let me list the ways.
MOM AND POP: So very nice- of course, until padre froze over and madre got spiked to a wall.
THE COMPANY: And we ALL know what a great parent figure Angela is!
THE FBI: Somehow better; somehow much worse.
MOHINDER: Who, by the way, is not very good at explaining "how-babies-are-made-to-save-babies-who-are-superpowered-and-much-more-loved-by-their-daddies-oh-woe-is-me!"
MOMATT: Scary, scary times. As it turns out, TWO Mr. Moms made for a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.
MOMAYSY: Maya= all that sucks in this world, Mo= ?, Sylar= Apparently on far better terms with his own spawn than Mollywobbles.
MR./MRS. GONZALEZ: With Speedy and Matt busy building their happy (not) family, she enjoys dealing with heart-breaking regret over meddling with Claire and her Posse. and listening to a random mp3 player in her spare time. Lovely.

I admit: I cheered sufficiently when he pushed her away. GAR to Maya and all she stands for, as well as her lame "handicap". But with her happily out the door and out of the apartment, I admit- not sure what to make of Mohinder. He's roachman, fo shiz, but will he become that hoodie-wearing recluse of the future, or remain the wife-beater-beating object of awesome we now see? The future is cloudy. But so far, I dig Mo2.0, big time.

Is dead. *sigh*

Which was both effective and frightening in its own right. (weeps for bad-hair Nathan) But with Peter back on his innocent turn with the intro of season 3, it will be interesting to see who is more inclined to "fight the power": Sylar, or my all time absolute favvy, Peterelli. Which brings me to...

He's very angsty about that.
In the future, Gabriel is a stay-at-home Daddy who enjoys raising his memoir-son Noah, frolicking with Mr. Muggles and churning out waffles. He also inexplicably lives in the Bennet house and consequently angers Future!Claire. And yes- I got considerably misty when the little fella died and poor rehabbin' Gabriel went boom. THAT was powerful storytelling right there. But more than anything I loved seeing him on the mend- surrounding himself with memories of his past, but denying himself what he truly desired. And that watch sequence? Pure. Awesome.
But current Sylar remains creepalicious. And I reeeeally wanna see some Petrelli battle action, prontozo.

Angela: Going to die before the season ends.
Elle: Its her and Sylar, yo.
Arther Petrelli: Coming back next episode, runs pinehearst: check it.
HRG: He will die in the line of fire, possibly at Peter's hand. Sylar will feel bad, and it will inspire him to be good and name his son after him. Awesomeness will ensue.
Adam Monroe: Man, I really hope he dies, and soon. Next to Elle and Maya, nobody really annoyed me more in season 2.
Presiding Villians: All but Knox, who is apparently fairly durable, are dead meat. Go fig.
Nat and the Clone: Sounds like a show from the seventies. But they're perfect, I always liked the pairing, I am actually enjoying their storylines, and wish them the best. Here's hoping Tracy doesn't have the same thing for black guys that Nicki apparently fostered. Trox doesn't sound nearly as cool as....well, its just not as cool.
Muggles: How does this thing survive EACH and EVERY season?

That vent scene was magical. But it was the last we may ever see of the Hiro/Ando heartwarming friendship. Heroes is all drama from here on out, and (having read some stuff on next episode, evil laugh), I can say to you now: he will take a different path than his headstrong but heroic friend. He's drunk with power, which was originally EVERYONE ELSE in the series, yet has now fallen on the shoulders of the man whom uttered "yatta!". I mourn his loss. But villain Hiro will be most intriguing.

Aside from my typical TV-watching pursuits (note: other than the office, this is literally the only time I ever watch the stuff, fyi), life continues to move along at an unexpectedly fast pace. I run- a lot. I rehearse- not enough, or so I'm told. I work on homework, sing in the choir, and still somehow find time to find every landmark in Oblivion and read weird comic books with names like "Fruit's Basket". Life is good, but I could sure use a break at times.
Regardless, the future is amazing- Halloween (woot!), Twilight movie (WOOT!), and the PSAT (woot?) are all closing in. Updates to follow, and Brooke out!

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