Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One of us, one of them, two weeks of pulling my hair out over the stressful plotline...

Which, consequently, is exactly what I will have been doing by the time I watch NEXT week's episode. Gr.
So, in this episode, we learned three very, very disturbing things.
1. Tracy... is a clone. *cue twilight zone theme*
2. Peter... has been hurled into the futuret. *cue "time warp"*
3. Sylar, aside from being something close to a zombie and having a strangely hilarious southern twang... will be friends with Mr. the future. *cue me, screaming, very loudly*

Not only that, but Niki is also dead (which I was surprisingly unemotional about, given I have no feelings toward clones. No, not like that, pyro.) And, Parkman realizes what we already found out two weeks before the season premier, given I read spoilers: Him! Speedy Gonzalez! Love! Death! Baaaaaybaaayy!!!!
Given, I want Parkman to be happy. I really do. But there are too many lose ends in that plotline already- IE, what the heck happened to his wife and her illegitimate child? Much like Nathan's family, they appeared to have parted ways and consequently slid off the face of the earth. Go figure.
But week looks to be verrrry interesting. Especially considering the producer wasn't all too happy with this episode, and considering that the two characters I buried in my backyard (loooong story) will return. *eeep!*
In other news- I'm writing this blog from school! Specifically, from the journalism classroom, from an amazing mac which I have grown to know and love, much like an artificial limb or a parasite. Still, we've gotten over the little quirks in its system, and even started to appreciate them. I have a very deep, *cough* APPRECIATION *cough*, for the fact that the internet on THESE computers, as opposed to all other computers in the school, allow me to visit the twilight lexicon and my fav heroes website at my leisure. And of leisure there has been much, since our newspaper is virtually done, and only the photo/design people are at work as of now. This is not me- I write, therefore, I am inept at photoshop and indesign. I laud those who are, though- that stuff takes practice.
So here I sit, typing away, and I wonder- what more do I have to write about?
Answer: An. Awful. Lot.
Basketball continues to wear me down in a cruel and heartless fashion. While I enjoy scrimmaging and can endure the running, they appear to be planning on before and after school practice- five days a week, in addition to in-school practices- and it becomes eerily apparent why they have these giant metal vats a la Frankenstein sitting around the trainer's office for people to ice themselves in. I got a good, long look at the coach's office when I came in about my hip soreness. Doesn't seem like anything is actually wrong with it, but for reasons yet to be determined, this little number has caused aching and the unwarranted trembling of limbs over the past two weeks.
Gar. I. Hate. Running.
But it will be over in a few weeks, concluding with a cross country meet we MUST compete in. MUAHAH! *imagines face of the especially hated coach when I stroll leisurely past the finish line*
JK. But regardless, I'm taking this run SOOO easy. My teammates may loath me. But I really don't care at this point.
Well, I have to go to lunch now. Adios!

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Blood Sugar Sex Magik said...

Oh, yes, the ice vats. At volleyball tryouts I narrowly escaped being forced into submersion, by slipping slyly out the gym door and rushing to Taylor's house.