Thursday, September 25, 2008


In a move that was so full of awesome, it pwned heroes fo shiz to the hizzle (that was never meant to mean anything, just so you know) JIM PROPOSED TO JAM!!! IN THE RAIN!!! I SCREAMED MYSELF HOARSE!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
I've waited soooo long for this moment. And while the passion is fresh, I would like to dedicate this moment in time to the world's greatest shipping, ever. May September the 25th remain in living memory until the end of time.

The happy couple.

PS - I am having stress breakouts over the whole heroes fandango. Will someone just leak season 3 for me, before I get an ulcer? Kthanxbye.


Arrr, I still haven't bought any shoes said...

That chick's name is Jam? Like what you put on toast?

GIVE ME SHOES!!! said...

by the way, in case you didn't figure it out, 'arrr, I still haven't bought any shoes' is Pyro.