Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Saga Continues...

As the influence of Twilight continues to seep through my household (even Mitch wants to read it now), I can't help but reflect on the disturbing nature of hearing the very thoughts I've been pondering on for so many months.
I mean, call me crazy- but I'm big on the internal dialogues. Consider the fact that I had no confidantes when I first plowed through these books- my cellphone was still something of a foreign tool to me, and Twilight Mania had yet to overtake the lone star state, leaving me in a hotel room with the novel I had heard so much about, yet knew so little of.

Things have changed dramatically.

Theories, more than anything, are a whole other discussion when your parents are involved. Weighing life experience versus a sense of "I know this book right side up, backwards, underwater and in another language", one can only come to the conclusion that, until the day we can hold Breaking Dawn in our hands, the future remains uncertain.

However, this does not stop us from theorizing. What else is being a literary fangirl about? (or, I suppose, fanboy)

My theory for Breaking Dawn stands as thus:

The wedding will take place; however, on the honeymoon, the volturi and/or Denali clan be a-comin. Bella will not be changed by Edward, but by a vampire outside the Cullen family- possibly Tanya, Irina, a Volturi associate, or some vampire we haven't met yet. Bella's power will be that her venom- given her overall anti-vampiristic tendencies- reverses the usual effect, turning a vampire back to human form. This WILL end up with her using her ability against the volturi, possibly turning Rosalie back to human form (or at least giving her the opportunity to consider her existence as a vampire), and may create some conflict with Edward. Charlie will most likely find out about the vampires and werewolves, or he will be killed. Also, Jacob will return- and I have a very confusing but highly valid theory involving what happens when a vampire bites a werewolf. Mail me for details.


Now, my father's current theory understandably shifts wih each passing hour, while my mom has none to speak of, although I will be posting it soon enough. Otherwise- this is a reference post for my own convenience! If you wanna talk twilight theorem- once again, mail me- I'll be happy to discuss on IM or yahoo mail. For now- adios and excelsior!

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