Sunday, July 27, 2008

Terror Strikes

As I promised, my sworn job to bring you all the latest in Twilight- both in and out of the law- is my priority in this most desperate hour. Breaking Dawn is just days away. And the possible spoilers have popped up with that incoming time.

First, there was the Iowa incident. A walmart is confirmed to have sold copies of BD today. One comment I read-
" Wait- where? Never in my life have I been so excited to live in Iowa!"

But then came this, most terrifying notion. Its been on yahoo answers and wiki answers so far, all referencing this one spoiler.

"bella changes 45 pages into the start of the next book. she changes because another family threatens the cullen family. it does not go as planned, but i don't want to spoil everything for you. jacob dies before she changes, though, and he makes sure that the tribe will not seek revenge for her being bitten. hope i didn't give too much away. oh, also the person who "changes" her dies also because ****** kills them. oops, i shouldn't have said that much."

While its accuracy (and, in all honesty, intelligent merit) is questionable, this has made the rounds on the forums, and honestly- this is how spoilers come out. But I will continue to search for verification. In the meantime, I remain humbly yours...

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